Monday, December 10, 2007

Paypal Buttons and Blogs

When Paypal generates the code for a button, they do not anticipate blogging software.

The code they give you has each line separated by a "line feed"

<input>blah blah blah
<input>blah blah blah
<input>blah blah blah

But and others are web-based applications that are built around the assumption that you are writing a story. They make accommodations for adding HTML codes, but do not require you to add

whenever you want a new line of text.

Instead, when their software detects a new line ( it actually "writes the line-feed for you."

The problem occurs where Paypal formats the part you copy from their website, which includes invisible line-feeds after every <input> tag.

So, in short, make sure you are in the HTML editing window of a post, then

  1. Paste the code Paypal makes for you

  2. Remove everything between lines

Example... when you're done it should look instead like:

<input>blah blah blah<input>blah blah blah<input>blah blah blah

This removes all the line-feeds, and effectively puts the buttons
right under the proper text.

A while back I built a Microsoft Excel "Paypal Button Machine" specifically for Daily Painters, which you are free to download and try: ... it takes all the hassle out of using the Paypal site. There is an instructional video on the page. I also write about it on my blog entry "Paypal Button for One Painting."

This spreadsheet doesn't work for everyone, and you have to have Excel, or a spreadsheet that reads Excel formulas, but if it works for you, it doesn't get any faster or easier than that.

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