Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Purpose of This Blog

Artists are a creative bunch.

If you believe in any of that right-brain/left-brain stuff, then you already get the idea that artists think from a different part of the brain than other folks. Just for fun, we'll call other folks "normal."

Then there are the people in this world who create things like computer chips, and design rockets, or try using bread mold as remedial medicine. Whatever. Anyway, they, supposedly think from way over on the other side of the brain. Just for fun, we won't call them normal. Mostly because I don't get how they do that.

Well, then there are a few of us, like me, who think from the brain-crack -- cleavage, if you prefer -- that place in the middle that is safe from Geekdom, yet still a place from where I am not about to go all Warhol on you either.

I'm a full-time artist that is also fascinated with how things work. Mostly about the computer, and farther-mostly about the Mac, though some of the software I use is made for the PC, too.

In this blog I will discuss how I use technology in my world of analog art where I use the traditional stuff of oils, brushes and blank canvases and support it with software, photography, cameras, video, recording, Paypal, eBay, HTML and CSS, and anything else that would make a real right-brainer take a nap unless they were really stumped about something I may have an answer to.

For example:
Q: If you are so smart, why did you dangle a preposition at the end of that last sentence?

A: The confluence of the seeming polarity of the disciplines of Art and Technology does not lend itself easily to the avoidance of obfuscation, thereby rendering the finer points of grammar a discipline of which I may at times not take advantage.

I hope that clears it up.

If you find something here that solves a problem, for you, consider making a Paypal donation as a thank you for my time, or at least visit one of my sponsors via the ads that are posted here. It makes everyone happy.

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kimberly applegate said...

Where have you been hiding this blog?? I LOVE your sense of humor and your great advice and help have been invaluable. Looking forward to learning more here.
Sharie and Kimberly