Sunday, December 9, 2007

Paypal Button for One Painting

Paypal has been a great help for artists who do not have a merchant account with their bank, and all the machinery that accompanies credit transactions.

Of course, you have to log into their site to create a Paypal Button just to sell an item from your website or blog.

Paypal's buttons
keep selling
the same item
The downside is that if you have a single item, such as one painting, and it's really a hot item, and several people bid on it before you can get back to your web page or blog entry to remove the button, you'll end up with a lot of money in your Paypal account to refund.

Or you may have to leave the country, heading for retirement in Barbados.

The Paypal buttons that Paypal generates for you do not include Paypal code for notifying new buyers that the item has been sold, and disallowing the transaction. But this button code does. I wrote it in.

You can download the Excel Spreadsheet that does the work for you, at my Paypal Button Machine webpage.

Below, a YouTube narrated movie showing how it works. Press the center arrow to play it.

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